Some men were born to be heroes

Bet everything comin' up with zeroes

Some think they God - but you know how that goes

Que sera sera

(Yeah, uh huh, Jake you stupid for this one son, y'know)

Aiyyo, actions speak louder than words

My middle finger speaks louder than yours

I'm in the hood, feet poundin' the curb

Jealous of nothin' - mine is bigger than yours

Standin' still, y'all runnin' with herbs

I stole the soul motherfucker, I ain't bringin' it back

Whack niggaz like Jamsport, holdin' me back

And I don't care if you're friends with Jay

Or Dre, or Kay Slay, you're still garbage

Learn to parlay, before you look this way

I'm heinous with mine, Kardinal made this

I don't pay to get on any playlist

Niggaz in the street was waitin' for someone to say this

I ain't suckin' dick for y'all DJ's to play this (let 'em know)

My records spin like rims on an Avis

Look at me wrong, and say what's up to Sammy Davis

I'm heavy nigga, the biggest libra couldn't weigh this

Before you kiss your TV, you should kiss my whole anus

Some men were born to be heroes

Bet everything comin' up with zeroes

Some think they God - but you know how that goes

Que sera sera

Some men still drivin' in the highway

Do you - just do it out of my way

At all costs I'm doin' it the fly way

So I never say que sera sera

I got the most superior mainframe in the game

Flows like a fifty-paper, ain't a damn thing changed

On the mic I'm deranged, off the mic I'm just crazy

Spit-shine my letter combos - that's what pays me

In other words it's the nouns and the verbs

That buys the X5's and the cribs on the lakesides

I run this shit, I don't take sides

What you see is what you get - most of these rappers are in disguise

With no persona, so they diss guys

You want to lose your profession? I suggest you test this guy

The best buy in any Best Buy

I'll straight burn the place down like a throwback Left Eye

Ahead of the class - nobody ever left I

I'm so right, I can't even open my left eye

You're dead wrong, tryin' to correct I

I'm like the dead in one way: no choice but to respect I, yeah!

Yo, everything I do is strong when I rap

I don't bust no verses, I talk in thunder claps

Give black hands daps, and X marks the map

Dot city on my chest, show the world where I'm at

Lift you higher than a three hundred dollar weed pack

And a G4 smuggled in my jacket in the back

Yeah, some question my heart and dedication

Why? I'm into the pulse like a palpitation

Some man dem dat I know hold down the +Big Macs+

And they come and watch you air the beef out (Blak, blak)

That ain't me though, I'm regal like a pharaoh and them

Leave the squabbles to the kids, I bring dollars by the pen, y'know

It's Estelle, let 'em know!

Black Jays!

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