G Walkin'

If everyone could see just how I see

They'd Function like a G'

And walk that big walk in the streets

If everyone could see just how I see

They'd Function like a G'

And walk that big walk in the streets, in the streets

My God it's a beautiful day to just sit and enjoy blue skies

And all the brothers in the streets gettin' high

Give thanks for your life bcause Yo - things will change

Ghetto people suffering will soon in-herit the game

The last will come first and the first will come last

And the good will take a seat in the holiest of mass

And blast out the world sin, hard times we living in

I am trying to do the best I can living with my breddrens

The world is filled with negative and positive

Never judge a man what he is is what he is

And I am an ill bro blessed with an ill flow

With an opportunity to rep the T-dot O

And try to spread some of the blessings, lyrical dressings

And I am guessing that your listening to what I am addressing

Especially since I'm rhymiing from my heart

Trying to supress the craziness before it even starts

Yo every gun man has to have a soft spot

Every thug nigga has gotta have some heart

It's these things that I hold to be true

So I don't have to pray that they won't blast you

Yo! I was touched by the real the other day

If my pops was here he would tell me enjoy every single day

And support your family cause blood comes first - for real

Nevermind about trying to sign a deal

Just do what you gotta do and do it like the best

Even when it seems that people C-Bn' for no reason

Don't study the treason, function like a G'

And with that, the world is ready steady f-ing with me

Admiring who I be, I take it as flattery

I must exemplify just what it is to be an emcee

I breathe in the tragedy

And breathe out a song of hope

Free from government, politics, lies, plus the Pope

The 5.0 sells dope, Police make nuff sales

We're taken out of the hood and locked up with no bail

But either way we get out and try to turn it around

You can't see it

But you feel it in the sound

You know dat!

I'm not a reverend, a preacher, V.P. or teacher

But still I gotta reach, and none can impeach

But the most high spiritual, virtually physical

Higher power more than capable to make miracle

In every black home, and in every jail cell

And in everyone of us to let the righteous set sail

And accept positioning, whether you a Christian, a Jew, or Muslim

Yo have faith in him!

The G's in the street know what I'm talking about

The man dem on the corner, surviving with no doubt

The kids in the park trying to keep things real

Yo who don't hear muss feel - you know that!