Bakardi Slang

Yo Yo

Silver turn it up, yeah

We gonna put you on to something brand new yo

Know what I mean


We don't say 'you know what I'm sayin'

T dot says 'yuh dun know'

We don't say 'hey that's the breaks'

we say 'yo, a so it go'

We don't say 'you get one chance'

We say 'you better rip the show'

Before bottles start flyin and you runnin for the door

You talking about 'cuttin and hittin skins'

We talkin bout 'beat dat face'

T dot niggaz will eat your food before y'all cats say grace

Y'all cats is steady saying 'word'

My niggas is steady yellin 'zeen'

Half the time we talking about 'more times'

You don't even know what 'more times' means!

'More times we rocker fresher'

'More times we come correct'

More times y'all think it's the hot shit

Y'all haven't heard nuttin yet

Differently, still yuh know

The cirlce gettin ill yuh know

Step on the wrong Bally boot and you might get kill ya know

So everytime you walk through a dance tell a yute 'xcuse me'

Tellin your jubie 'I like her style'

She's talkin about 'abuse me'

Use me show me how the T dot rolls

My style is off the thermostat plus I'm comin from the cold-yo

(What the... chill!)

My nigga's in the street throwin dot slang each and every single time we


(What the... chill!)

My ladies lookin hot, screw face kissin teet

Represtentin the T dot

Kardinal rock the pary, yo T dot drinking Bacardi

Kardi drinkin Bacardi, yo T dot rocking the party

Nigga's jumpin and whylin and ladies showin a smile

And everybody know its the T dot

So when we singin about the girls we singin about 'di gal dem'

Y'all talkin about 'say that one more time'

We talkin about 'yo, come again'

Y'all talkin about 'that nigga's a punk'

We talkin about 'dat yute's a fosse'

For the kids that think I'm comin wit it

Brother just watch me

A shoe is called a 'crep'

A big party is a 'fete'

Ya'll takin about 'watch where you goin!'

We talkin about 'mind where you step!'

We backin a 2-4 of Guiness, we ain't messin' with moet

And if you runnin out of liquor the bar might get wet

You're talkin about 'yo, that girl's hype'

We like 'she's the bundown'

Y'all say 'a DJ battle'

We say 'clash with two sounds'

We rock the hottest things no matter how much it cost

You talkin about 'yeah son!'

We talkin about 'yo, lock it off!'

Wheel that and tek it from de top

And just flash up unno lighta and watch the dance rock

Kardinal is gonna show you how the T dot rolls

My style is off the thermostat plus I'm comin from the cold-yo

Yo instead of your boys

We talkin about 'di man dem'

When talkin about 'your bredrin

Yo we talkin about 'your friend'

When you say 'the club is over'

Yo we say 'di jam dun'

When you're thinkin about the west, we thinkin about Red-1

Big ups and salutations to the Figure IV crew

When you're sayin 'she's a chicken'

She a 'skettlebam too!'

When you talkin about a 'thug nigga'

We talkin about a 'shotta'

When you think you got it locked, T dot comin much hotta

You think we all Jamacian, when nuff man are Trini's

Bajans, Grenadians and a hole heap of Haitians

Guyanese and all of the West Indies combined

To make the T dot O dot, one of a kind

Irs said 'we burn kahn' that mean 'they puff lah'

When we say 'hell no', that means you 'dat nuh mek it'

Look me in the eye and tell me y'all ain't sold

My style is off the thermostat plus I'm comin from the cold-yo