Mad Cowboy Disease

Oh yeah, here we go man

This little lady down in Texas, tight tank top and a tan

Rockin' three religion bridges, drinkin' beer in a can

She was too hot to two-step, I was too dumb just to leave her alone

But I made up my mind and I felt a fever comin' on

Kinda gettin' hotter

Yeah, my knuckles turned white, my neck turned red

My one good eye rode straight back in my head

Makes a Texas tornado seem like a cool breeze

I can feel it comin' over me mad cowboy disease, oh yeah

Well, I was one line away from scoring a win

But I was two shots shy of three sheets to the wind

Must've drank a hundred dollars

Sittin' there just tryin' to work up the nerve

Well one more here for my jitters then I'll stagger reaching over to her

I really couldn't walk that good

Oh, excuse me there kinda drippin' all over myself

Oh, Lordy, oh boy, here we go again

Talking like Mel Tillis I said what's your name

She said you ain't no player boy and I ain't no good for the game

You're kind of cute but when you're feelin' better give me a call

And with her black eye liner she wrote her number on my tremblin' palm

Yeah, my knees started shakin', I was breakin' out a sweat

Tryin' to memorize her number 'cause my hand was gettin' wet

I was showing the symptoms looking for a remedy

I can feel it coming over me, mad cowboy disease

Oh, I got the mad cowboy disease, little hoof in the mouth

Makes your tongue hand out all the way to the floor

Down on my hands and knees, beggin' like a hungry dog

What do you mean get off my knees?

I kinda like it down here, does anybody got a leash?

I'm startin' to get a little rabid, you know what I mean?

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