The freezing atmosphere, body bags filled…

Silently I’m going to play my simple grisly morbid

game. Feeling the lust, I’m not dead but it seems to be

the same.

With liquid nitrogen… Spermafrost

My balls – fragile as glass… Permanently lost

Pure D.N.A. fixed, stuffed in your cunt. So good

and frigid date. Eternal sample of my own me,

methodically made.

Fucking plastic white face – eyes staring at me,

yeah. Jizm turned to ice – what a pale perfection.

Prick like the icicle, it’s very hard to take a breath

when being in this kind of fucking love.

Violent conservation, this task is done…

Refrigerated then perfectly sated. Feel no pain my

little whore. Invigorated and ejaculated, enjoying that

bloodless gore. Temperature will never rise. Lovely icecold

bride and friend Fahrenheit. You are impregnated,

underestimated, can you see my serious proof of love?


Vyšlo na albech