Now here I stand in front of a mirror

Cannot escape the gaze of my own figure

Checking out to hold my own – don’t wanna give up

Revealing just as much as I’m willing to give

But when I try to smile all my spirits down

Like smashed into pieces of something I was close to

And lost in the state of confusion I surrender

The mirror fails to hide reality

Believe in you

Believe in your way

For only then you’ll be proud of your name

Welcome life as who you are

You’ve got a heart to follow

You could step aside

Fight your fears with pride

Let your heart collide

With what your brain decides

Never shine a light on what could shine too bright.

What are you waiting for?

Take it on!

Don’t let the world ignore what you can

Don’t wait for the moment - there is none whoa

Come make them know your name.

Whoa! Kill me! Heal me!

Feel me when you suit your actions to your word!

What are you waiting for? Come on!

Don’t let the world ignore your name!

Believe in you. If there’s no trust

Conceive yourself if no one does.

Retrieve your soul if things combust

And burn your dreams to ash and dust.

Convert your faith into esteem

Tell me your name aloud and scream!

(Tell me your name! Loud and clear!)

Ooooh! Scream! (Come Scream with me)

Vyšlo na albech