Twenty-five Years

I can't remember

When the moment started

It creeps up

When you least expect to fail

You try to tell yourself

That you are selfless

But that's the big mistake

That sets your sail

The signs are all around you

But you miss them

You turn your back

On every friend you know

The games you play

To justify your madness

Will leave you crying

For the pain that grows

Twenty-five years, twenty-five years

I tried to be a man and face my fears

Twenty-five years, twenty-five years

I've had the devil on my back for twenty five years

For when you fall

You have to reach the bottom

And count your blessings

That you're still alive

That's when you look

To someone who was with you

At every single step

Right by your side

It's said from this you grow

Inside much stronger

That may be true

But I am still so weak

There's days that seem

So endless makes me wonder

Will something come

To close this losing streak

I'm tired and so lonely

From this journey

And still can't figure out

Some things I've said

But all I know

Is there's a place that's calling

I'll find that place

And rest my weary head

Twenty-five years

Twenty-five years

I tried to be a man

And face my fears

Twenty-five years

Twenty-five years

I've had the devil on my back

For twenty five years

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