Hell Razor

Outcast of the morning

He'll always go it alone

They never can cage him

He's got a life of his own

Wild as a lone wolf

Nothing escapes from his eyes

Stars cover his tracks now

With such a brilliant disguise

Hell razor, he's gonna raise hell tonight

Hell razor, he's goin' out for a fight

No sense of tomorrow

He only lives for the day

Their burden of sorrow

Who gives a damn what they say

Call, call of the wild wind

A man only wants to be free

He answers to no one

That's what we all wanna be

He fell out of heaven

Mercifully clipped of his wings

Some say that he's legion

That's when the bad luck begins

Mad ball of confusion

Watch as he makes worlds collide

He answers to no one

See how the matter subside

Hell razor

Vyšlo na albech