The Trickster of Ragnarök

Ages ago a secret was lost

The true tale of the Shapeshifter

How he escaped everlasting prison

… How he baffled all other gods

So he could return to Midgard,

Before the end of time -- Ragnarok!

Muspel merged

With the energy of Niflheim

Thus, life was created…

Among the gods that were created

There was Loki, brother of Odhinn

Better known as the Trickster

His desire was to rule all Asgard

Bend every will to his own

Deception guided Loki’s steps…

As none of the Asa gods would listen,

And none would follow his path…

Unable to convince a single soul

Vengeance tainted every upcoming deed

Then another chapter began,

As the creations of Gods

Were utterly destroyed

Even capable of shape shifting,

Loki was finally caught…

And promptly imprisoned

Aside of his son-wolf Fenrir

In a remote island, the Gulf of Black Grief

He was shackled for eternity,

A prison to last until Ragnarok

Satisfied, the Gods have returned

Underestimating his cleverness…

Through the mind of Fenrir,

He command the Jotuns

To bring his salvation.

Giants invaded Asgard in a frenzy battle

Capturing the necklace of Brigantia

Surprised, Gods were slow to react

As the chase begun,

The necklace achieved it’s destiny

Drawing the power,

Trickster was freed

And returned to Midgard…

This way the balance

Was level once again

Evil and good shared

The same opportunities

Vyšlo na albech