Stand Alone

Now, the ruler, the epic one of all

Standing straight and tall

Sits proud, on the wood throne

Soon... Only memories and stone

Now he stands, respected loved

Leaning on is cane, ready to drew blood

What is the use, if there is no one to fight?

No one to foil plans, no brave knight

Rain pours down, the grave you sit on

Your eyes see nothing, all is gone

Spirits passing, the sharp gaze

Words, become a maze

For you were brave and true

Now your soul grew empty...

Once full of ideals and plans

But now you see, your wrinkled hands

Howls of the brave rang in the wind

Victorious the war was at end

But this old warrior, will still stand…

To fight once again, and walk to is forefathers’ land

Vyšlo na albech