Six Trials To Become A Beerzerker

All metrics, all measures

All used for the next trials

Full! Full!

Candidates are looming

Where the previous have fell

Six cups, five mugs

Four tankards to empty

Fast! Fast!

Afterwards try not to shake

Your entire skull

All metrics, all measures

All filled for the next trials

Full! Full!

Beware don't slip

On this grog-wet ground

Three bottles, two jugs

One keg to empty

Fast! Fast!

Beerzerker is chosen by a tight criteria

Oh, Beerzerker come!

Oh, Beerzerker come!

Supreme elites of the boozer's part

Vicious drainers of fine ale

Display with pride an enormous paunch,

Always avid for more

Zealous maids run to refill

Labour sweat drops show it well

From the forehead to the neck

They travel towards their breasts

Inside this thronged hall

Stands out a distinct melody

Charming, loud, grotesque belches

Such exquisite symphony

From the start straight to the end

Many laughs this night have shared

With dull eyes we gaze in wonder

To those who barely still stand

Farewell brave beerzerkers

You've endured your trials bravely

We shall now rest and prepare

For the next time we'll be there

Vyšlo na albech