Inquisition Queries

Hands of the Light, tools of the Dark

Cleaners of souls

They'll torture me and punish thee

(for we are) Bearers of heresy?

Have I too much?

A richness to touch...

For the church, overmuch?

They'll torture me and punish thee,

Share a terrible destiny!

Learn from vivd fires

Beneath your bare existence

A ploy to command

Higher than priests and kings

manipulate all decisions

Behind a feign spirituality

Act of faith is what I stand

To regain my stolen freedom

Followers of a wickedness

Darker than utmost sinner souls

Stunned by the immense power

A legacy of elder times

Accept, as undeniable,

the revered lore...

Screams of irony

Echos through the halls of time

For the schemes of humankind

Are impossible to control

Piles of wood are erected up the hill

Citizens gather to see...

Amusement of inquisitions times...

Morbid process of burning flesh

Deliverers of salvation

Architects of purgatories

Purifiers guided by light

Avatars to case human pain

What great spiritual power

What great benefit indeed...

Nothing better for such temptation

Than innocent human bait...

Vyšlo na albech