Battle of Alclud Ford

Wind told me the enemy is riding through our lands

We'll break their heresy with the power of the sword

Rumors came, from Calchvynyd kingdom

The beat of his heart, our steady rhythm

Big helmet on his head, splittin’ image

Disgrace in the south, a praiseworthy pillage

Not yet, will those fields be green again

Yesterday, blood of youth was shed

Grave whose earth must hold, too deep a stain

Forever we may speak, as we may tread

The slaughter of thy foes

About the country grows

Like fire, it heats water

Blood within veins, is hotter

Crimson were the kin of Bender and great is his grace

Gore surrounding the top of his head

Let the cattle of the son of Idno come to Dyved

And let no one dare not to come

To pay a hundred cows I will give one calf

Cattle would not run about without crimson faces

Against the four-way-spreading conflagration

Against the mighty rising

Against the gore on flesh

Against the dismal straining

The battle in the Ford of Alclud, the battle in the Gwen

A battle, the conjunction of tumult to them

The battle on this side of gleaming guiding heart of oak

A battle king Ulph violently spoke

The battle of men, clash of sword, spear and horsemen

A battle where the killing spree began

The battle between Bernician and Rhegedian

A battle that made one King, the demon

The battle is the resting place of corpses

A battle of joy, by the raven forces

Vyšlo na albech