Ale Mead and Wine

Pewter mug clunk, with metallic hard clamor

Happiness that rides, announcing drunken men

The tips of their tongues, singing songs of glamor

Sweeping and killing, of an empty mind again

A final mug of amber ale, is planned

Roars at distance, a heavy burp sound

Before the marching horde sweeps the land

The intruder suffers through sword... Proud!

Ale, mead and wine

Crack open old tales

Ale, mead and wine

From the barrel, pours details

May Maelgwn of Mona, be smitten by mead

From the foaming mead horns, pure liquid indeed

Mead distilled, praise the sparkling, drunk of joy

Which the bees collected and do not enjoy

Free Elphin from exile, arrested, confined

The man who gave me, ale, mead and wine

And the great princely steeds, strong and possessed

Elphinian knight of mead, late be thy time to rest

Burn the day in fired up thirst

That erases the feel of emotions stink

Hidden inside of a curdling drink

The provocative of the drunkard, is drunkenness

Stunned he stand

And stood?

A strength, not from him

Swirling on the head

The tipsy king

Stumbles his way

Through the ancient hall

He slices to victory

Let it be brought from the cell

Let it be brought before kings

Ale, mead and wine

Empty heart and mind

Ale, mead and wine

From a jug grow a spine

Vyšlo na albech