Cupid's Dark Disco

Take aim steady fire

My little coconut shy

I never did drive on by

I got the money

You got the body

Here we are - now got nothing left to say

Turning up the radio

"Here, use my jacket for a pillow"

In a parked car you won't forget the places we go

In Cupids Dark Disco

Offering a fine view

Of your resplendent gowns and jewels

We're no one, nowhere

Raging through my glove compartment

For protection of some assortment

There's none so we just carry on the same

Air condition blowing maximum

Car windows crying condensation

In through the porthole of escapism (Boom)

I see a psycho in my rear view mirrors reflection

Every once in a while I wonder

If my kids are in bed

I wonder if my wife is missing me

Then back to this episode

This one part horror show

This poor man's dying underneath my bones

My little flesh like gizmo

A passenger in this inferno

A weeping willow in limbo

A victim of my sicko/schizo/nympho

A low life to and fro calypso

Or is it the other way around?

In Cupids Dark Disco

Cupids Dark Disco

Cupids Dark Disco

Cupids Dark Disco

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