The Marriage Machine

There will be days

We'll be in each others way

Down each others throats

Like you wouldn't believe

But then who was it said

Married life begins in bed

And ends up somewhat disparagingly

You say to me that you love me truly

I say to you likewise I feel just the same

But then who really knows

When two people get that close

That their feelings to each other

Won't change

I'll kiss you and then I'll kiss you once again

And pray to God once we get married there

(There)Just won't come a time

When we'll wish we'll have Changed our minds

A problem to end all our dreams

So there will be days

We'll be in each other ways

Down each others throats

Just you wait and see

But don't be upset

After all that's what you get

When you become part of The Marriage Machine

Part of The Marriage Machine.

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