Susan Van Heusen

Little Susan Van Heusen was present

When her father decided to play

Cat and mouse round the house with that peasant

Girl of a be good and maybe I will stay

For a while if you smile but remember

When my head is bowed

It is not because I am sad

Merely that old blue me

Getting me down

As you've guessed it was best that she rid her

Self from this an unfriendly affair

So without more to do than say dither

Suzi went over the hill and back again

I will go in a mo

But first you'd better book up 'cause I

Have no piece to perform

Have no role to play

Other than that one of me

Eaten by you

All the way through

Down to the last

Very last chew

In the end so to speak it was easy

To suppose she would never return

Even though her old man tried repeatedly

Begging her to one and all aboard this plane

I repeat be discrete but remember

When my head is...

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