Save It

Save it for your children

This love that you have got

Forget me now that I am sure

It's you that I want not

Save if for your loved

Ones who come to you each day

No matter what you do to them

They'll never have to say

That I don't love you any more

Still I don't care

Somebody else can love you more

I won't be there

Save it for another

Who's asking for your love

The only one who knows the truth

Will never know enough

Save it for the priest Then who might one day say to you

"Do you take this man for your husband?"

Answer him "I do"

And you'll be happy

Just like I was when I left you

There's only one thing

Left for me to do forget you

And I will so help me

Ever if it means that I'll have to

Take a trip abroad

Where it's thought perhaps the change

Might do me good from you it should

Save it for the morning

That starts another day

If you have learnt your lesson

Someone else won't have to pay

Save it and remember

Your carefree days are through

No longer can you take somebody

And break his heart in two

For everyone knows

That you treated me unfair

Although I think about you inside me

I don't care anymore

Vyšlo na albech