Nothing To Do About Much

I don't know why I came here on my own

There's so little to do

I'm like a dog without a bone

If I can't get to sleep

I'll just count sheep

Nothing to do about much

I could wander for hours in the rain

I could stand on the corner

Watch the traffic lights change

Boy am I having fun

The green lights just come on

Nothing to do about much

And to tell you the truth I'm not sure

I'm told I've got something

That's difficult to cure

So it seems for the moment at least

I've got to remain where I won't freeze -

There's a party at number twenty one

You've invited as long as you're accompanied by someone

But as I'm on my own

I'll just stay at home

Nothing to do about much

I will bet you a penny to a pound

That before very long

I will be buried underground

Pushing daisies up high oh, what a life

Nothing to do about much

I've got gold in my pockets

I've got wind in my hair

I've got so much to be grateful for

Of that I'm aware

I've got dreams which are nothing but

But the weirdest of thoughts

I've got night after night

On which it appears

That I ought not to cry

Don't ask me why -

I might lie

Vyšlo na albech