It's So Easy To Be Sad

See the statues in the square

They almost look alive

It's amazing after all these years

How they've survived

Two young children gazing at them

Faces so forlorn

One is saying to the other

I wonder how they're born

It's funny how we always tend

To look back on our past

As if they were the only good times

That we're ever going to have

See the river heading outwards

Watch the ships sail in

Notice how despite their size

They very rarely sink

Tell the man who's watching with you

His shoelace is undone

When he looks pretend you didn't notice

You were wrong

And anytime there's trouble up ahead

Don't get into a state

Where you wish you were dead

Just take your time and do

What you believe is right

It could turn out to be

A blessing in disguise-disguise-

It's funny how we always tend

To overlook the bad

Doesn't anybody know that

It's so easy to be sad

Talk about doing what you do best

Seems to me the more you do

The less you get

All told I would say that it was pretty grim

Although on the other hand

I've got a ring

Mass unemployment's at an all time best

Why not quit your job and take a well earned rest

Grow old on the dole

That's the life I need

Everybody's doing it so why not me

Vyšlo na albech