I Wonder Would You Mind

Did you ever (never) neither have I

Well, pardon me for breathing but

Would you give me back my cup

You know the one I mean

Yes, you do because I've seen you take it out

From time to time

I wonder would you mind

Excuse me Ma'm your hand it's on my knee

Oh, would you mind removing it

My collars getting rather stiff

And I'm not one to fuss

But if I don't catch my bus

I'm afraid I won't be home in time

I wonder would you mind

If I asked you for a date

Kept you out three hours late

Would you be happy or upset

Would you no longer have respect for me

Would I just be a danger

On your mark get set all ready go

And don't be such a silly ass

Just because you failed to pass

It doesn't mean to say

You can't try another day

Why even failures pass in time

I wonder would you mind

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