I'll Never Love Again

Where to begin

The pain I am in

Hard to know when to stop

Out of the blue

A dream came true

Only to see a drop

I'm no genius where love's concerned

More for me to pretend

Whatever it takes while my heart aches

I'll never love again

Days without end

Like those we would spend

Loving our life away

Never have thought

For one being caught

Making the other pay

Don't tell me it'll be alright

If you don't know when

Whatever it means

For now it seems

I'll never love again

I'll never love again

If you think that I overreacted

Tell me why should I care

Do I lie down, accept what I've found

Harder than to make

I don't ask much of anyway

I saw that as a strength

But now with her gone

Until I'll never love again

Always it's true

Whatever you do

Heartbreak is well defined

Catches you out

When you're in no doubt

Nothing is being maligned

Now I could feel I was taken in

Asked her why in the end

I truly believe

For now at least

I'll never love again

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