Dansette Dreams and 45's

Time said it all

Like the clock upon the wall

Always turning

Never yearning

To go back over our lives

I wish for a time

I could turn the hands of mine

Back to those days

Golden old day

Of Dansette dreams and 45's

Not that today

Isn't good in many ways

What we have here

Let's be quite clear

Has embellished all our lives

And yet if you ask

What for me is made to last

Nothing better

To come together

Than Dansette dreams and 45's

The weight of many world

Upon your shoulder, I suspend

There's not something you'd ever care to see

But look into the future

If it's bright then let it show

It's not the kind

That you had in mind

All those years ago

Hearts made of stone

By their nature never moan

They just leave you

When they see you

Seeing through their disguise

Perhaps that explains

When I'm walking in the rain

Nothing better than the weather

And Dansette dreams and 45's

I'm not suggesting for one minute

Living in the past

Is everything that it's cracked up to be

But don't tell me the future

Isn't looking at a fool

You sit for hours

Blowing in its path

You are who he knows

Who now believes

Love was ever [?]

Asking places

Where the aim is

To bring terror to our minds

It pains me to think

Yet to ease the pain it brings

Nothing gets me

Or unupsets me

Like Dansette dreams and 45's

If there's one thing

To make my heart sing

It's Dansette dreams and 45's

It's Dansette dreams and 45's

Vyšlo na albech