At the End of the Day

Stay out of trouble, mind how you go

When you're off out in your car you must know

What good is driving too fast

When the risk you're taking could be your last

And asking me how I spend my time

If it isn't in your room it's in mine

Which brings me nicely

Round to what precisely you'd feel

If I asked you to come away

What could be better? It's true

One room together for me

Is all we need at the end of the day

Money, as always, causes a rift

An amount you have lent is seen as a gift

How often has this destroyed

Families who now each other avoid

It does [?]

The root of all which causes so much grief

You'll have to hand it to those

Look at it forever but never get close

Say what you like, it's nice to be told

You look so much younger than you do now old

I'm truly grateful

For the way a hateful remark

Is somehow kicked out of play

Although it has to be said

Kicking is not something we

Want to see at the end of the day

Live for the moment, hop on a train

'Cause the moment you see why nothing's changed

You paid your money for what?

It's a seat to sit on that you haven't got

However come what may

You can take it as real at the end of the day

Vyšlo na albech