Pretty Sweet


To the edge I'll race

To the end I'll make it

All the risk, I'll take it

Headbang with my four friends

We pour a taste out for the dead

This is the blood, the body, the life right now

The height right now

Might be what I need

Might be what I need

Said you wanna hurt me now

You can't end me now

That might be what you need

What it means to be alive on this side

Said you wanna kill me now

On this side

Don't let me down

On this side

Down, down

Fuck the other side

I'm on this side, I'm on this side, I'm on this side

How it feels to have arrived

I'm inside, I'm inside

Those are my niggas for life

Mother of us be kind

To the fathers on whom we rely

Fathers of us be kind

To the mothers on whom we rely

Ah-ah-ahhh, ah-ah-ahh, ah-ah-ahhhh

Ah-ah-ahhh, ah-ah-ahh, ah-ah-ahhhh

We know you're sugar

We know you're sweet like a sucka

Pretty sweet

Pretty sweet

Vyšlo na albech