What Glory Remains

Oft I have seen

Many a brilliant star to fade

And night came creeping in to usurp that once shinning place... Long ago I was

a mariner

A viking conqueror... I sailed far with Erik the Red

And a hundred brave men!

What glory remains

Of these ancient days?

What songs will be sung

In the days to come?

Under hostile skies I have slept

On the heardrest of the sword

And dreamt of past glories long

Now gone forevermore...

I saw the fire that burns within

The mystic caverns of Thule

I journeyed to a world forlorn

Where shades weep forevermore...

Blackened by dragon's breath

Under arrows I have dreamt

Of the billows that caress

The shores of home again and again...

What glory remains

Of the ancient days?

What songs will be sung

in the days and years to come?


I've grown too old

And my days are numbered...

I neither have the strength

Nor fire that I once did...