The Iron Wolf

In the days of yore

The royal hunt was on

Loud bayed the hounds

As Gediminas set forth

In the holy woods

Of old Sventaragis

He laid down to rest

Beneath an ancient oak

And dreamt as only dream

The men who would be kings!

He saw the iron wolf

Ride monstrous on the hill

He heard the iron wolf

Howl like hundreds of it's kin!

Tearing from the veils of sleep

His heart was a wild drumbeat

He sought the counsel of the gods

Through Lizdeika's wise words:

"What is destined for thee, let it be!

Great Duke, unite thy people and be king!"

Fear not the iron wolf

He shall be thy fort!

And in him shall dwell

All the rulers of thy line

And the glory of their deeds

Shall resound like wolf-song

Thoughout the ancient world!