The Eternal City

Roma divina urbs

Thy splendor shines undimmed

Long centuries have failed to dim

The golden eyes of the imperial eagle...

The masses of thy fountains

Are still sprinkled with Elysian water drops

The voices of thy dead yet cling to

The forum's marble arcades and halls...

A cheer lingers on the circus maximus

Where are thy brave generals now gone

Who would see the invaders of their land

Put on crosses or into the arena

Roma divina urbs

Thy laurels shall remain ever green!

Strength and honor have conquered

From Rhine to the Mediterranean Sea!

Frigora mitescunt Zephyris

Ver preterit aestas interitura

Simul promifer autumnus fruges effuderit

Er mox bruma recurrit iners

Damna tamen celeres reperent coelestia lunae...

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