Lord of the Spear

By the rune stone he stands

A lone wanderer from afar

Wolves gathered round in packs

Poetry he chants

Weaving magick strands

Lord of the spear

Welcome to our land

Our hospitality for a god

Pray tell us where you've been

Storyteller wise one

(And the Raven god recounts many a saga)

Under a roof of gold

With the rainbow forever in sight

Dwell warriors bold

They taste the mead of the wind

Always loud they sing

When in the sky

Wild thunder strikes

Thy ravens come again!

One eyed god, father mighty of all

With swords upraised to the crystal dome

Of a sky wherein thy ravens fly

We're so proud so strong, forever free!

God of poets, god of magic

From your breath the four winds blow

From your eyes the eternal flame flows

From your lips the oath of fire is sealed

Wodem, I am your true son and heed honor's call!

I fight for thee and in thy name shed blood and bane!

Vidurr the destroyer – master of havoc, unrivaled warrior!

Hnikarr the inflamer – rde above the sea dragon slayer

Sigford, father of victory – thine gifts I seek on the battlefield tonight

Yggr – terror of Frankia and eastern men

Conquer all the world

In this star enarmored night

We raise our horns – salute the sky!

When in the sky

Wild thunder strikes

Thy ravens come again!