Hrolfr, the Viking

Heir to the kingdom

Of the distant North

Exiled from the lands

Odin's eye surveys!

He turned to the sea

And high raised his sail

With sword and chainmaille

His kingly legacy!

He stormed the shores

Of Frankia's Britanny

No man could stand

Before Rollo's wrath!

Battle after battle

Normandy was forged

Under strikes of the hammer

Of the all-mighty Hrolfr!

Rollo was baptized

And were a crown of gold

To stand as king again

As destined once he was!

But the ancient roots

Never left his pagan heart

In 926 he had a hundred Christians kneel

And severed their heads

As offering to the elder gods

Of Thunder, Blood, and War!

A year later he died

The duke of Normandy

Rollo the Viking

The first of the Norman horde!

William Longsword

His son, took up the call

And led the dragon ships

Anew to hither shore...

Vyšlo na albech