Guardian Of The Bridge

Guardian of the bridge

Between the realms

Of gods and mortal men,

Stand your ground and scan

With thy keen eye the far

Horizon wherein only thou can see –

Look for the end of days,

Look for the coming

Of dreaded Ragnarok...

Grasp the hilt of your mighty sword,

And sound the charge on Gjallarhorm!

Guardian of the bridge,

Call the Gods out of their halls –

Bid Odin leave the golden walls

And ride ahead, leading the Aesir forth

Into one final war – for the glory

Of the eternal and everlasting

Fame of a warrior who fought

And died on the side of light

Whereon rides the day-bringing God...

Guardian of the bridge,

Between the sky and the sea –

Heimdall, son of Odin,

Thee I call! Descend from above

And guard what is most sacred for me:

My virtue and my honor

In times of death, fire and war...

Vyšlo na albech