Eldritch Sorcery and Faery Runes

Spirit of the ash tree

Dweller in the oak, Thy realm I wish to traverse;

I whisper the ancient verse

Whisper the ancient verse

Passage safe to earn.

Gods of the earth,

You who made sylvan breath

Hear now my spells

Hear now my spells

As I flirt nightshade

In pagan forests primeval

Where dusk enthroned is king!

Once upon a day

On the wings of fairytale, Shamanic paths I take

Where in adoration

Wolves to the moon bay;

To the moon bay

Another figure I bcome

Inside the sylvan canvass

Hidden, away far from your world

I have ridden!

Spireless lands await me

In a world of elder magecraft

Elven runes engraved

Upon hyperborean skies

Like stars arrayed.

The man in black

There he awaits;

And there's no coming back!

Forest calling to mine ear

Distand echoes of the Dryad.

Enthralled I stand by this woodland melody.

Upon the altar of yew

Before Fangorn's palace

The Elven heart is beating;

Rhythm of my breathing

My hands lie bleeding

Dagger bitten grimly

An offering of life

To ethereal folk I sing.

An eerie moon beckons me

Gnarled boughs whistle

Attuned to a magic wind,

Call of elder arts I hearken!

Rings of stones, Idols of crows

Whilst primordial wonders stir the air

Trees lively welcome me

In this mystical realm

Of eldritch sorcery and Faery runes.

Faery runes...

Vyšlo na albech