Dragon's Blood

A furious blizzard rages

Forcing the pines to sway

Under its wintry whims

On the barren mountainside

A dark caver yawns wide,

Ancient pillars frame the gate

The statues of elder kings

Stand guarding riches within…

See the warrior coming out

From the depth of the Earth,,

Sword in hand, his armor torn

But with victory in his eyes!

His blade is stained with blood

And it drips on the virgin snow:

Crimson crystals on white –

Dragon’s blood feeds the ground!

His lips are red, his gaze shines –

He drank the dragon’s blood

And ate the beast’s very heart:

Thus now immortal he stands!

Dragon’s blood dripping down,

Golden flowers spring from snow:

Of all the treasure a chalice is enough

Filled to the brim with Dragon’s blood!

Vyšlo na albech