Dawn in Tir Na N' Og

Clouds lined with silver

Soon to be parted

By the spear of lough

The dawn draws nigh... Tuatha de Danann

Awake! Seize the day!

A new sun doth rise

O'er Tir Na N'Og... sing me the song

My heart's yearning for

Play now the tune

That would bring me back

Back to your ring

There to dance with thee

And see the day break

In the otherworld!

Follow the sidhe through the lake

Icy waters flanked by hills so green

Unravel a path of mystical sheen

To undying lands let me now awake

Guardian at the gates

Of Tir Na N'Og

I fear now your sword!

Stand back, let me pass to the lands of my folk!

Vyšlo na albech