Beasts From The Blizzards

Demonized the wind howls like an Erinnya

As it sweeps down the mountains and invades

The valleys of the north, bearing gifts of death

Freezing the lone wanderer with its bitter frost...

The witch cast the runes and foretold a curse

The dragons, she said, would awaken in a month

And descent from their lairs to lay low our homes

And even the King's almighty stone walls...

On the seventh day a blizzard came

Cruel shards of ice lashing us to bleed

And a roar did echo from the endless depths

Of the hollow Earth's caverns and sactums...

It was a little child that saw the first dragon fly

Etched against a darkened sky early in the morn

He saw the beast's glaring black eyes, heard the rush

Of wide leathery wings... and then saw no more again...

The fury of the unclean fell upon the folk

Fire, dew and fang gored the tender flesh

And stripped it clean of muscle and bone

'Till none was left to tell the tale

Or an echo of the screams remained...

Vyšlo na albech