Dark Discovery

Here I am the remains of me

My eyes tired but I can't sleep

My muscles withers

The weakness sows it's seed

God I ask you for your meaning of this

Can't you see what has become of my

Can't you see the tears I cry in horror

As last my eyes are closed and I am breathing slowly

Hoping again that this is the end

And I am on my way to embrace the holy

Look me in the eyes

What have you found in me

A dark discovery

In my dreams I try to hide away

But there is no shelter to find

And I try to reach to the light of the day

I rage against the dying of the light

God was I wish that I was all alone

Oh god all the ones that I learned to know

Think about those who I leave in sorrow

It is not fair why do I have to go

Please I beg you

To take away my pain

The dark discovery

What have you found in me

The dark discovery

The dark discovery

We all have to die eventually

But of course I didn't want to die

I wasn't old or infirm or in bad health

But most of all I didn't want to leave

My darling wife and my young son

Who now has no father to look after him

And that is my greatest regret

Vyšlo na albech