Sails up! We're leaving today

Distant lands are calling

Cowards stay at home; this is a quest of true men

Farewell, should we never see again

Weeping women waiving at the pier

When the sky starts cry

But neither rain, nor wind can make us turn around

What's decided, has to be done

See how the forefathers greet, us with northern lights

Bravely towards unknown shores, through raging stroms we fight

faith in the gods, their strenght in our hearts, when lightning strikes

If we die, we'll meet again in Valhalla..

If we die the sun will shine again beyond mortal time

In a dream I saw two ravens in the sky

And a verdant land behind

When we set out feet there, we'll burn our fleet

'cos the land is promised to us by gods

May Njord protect us on our way

May the moon light our path

Let our spirits be purified by the ocean's breeze

Let the wind, tell our legend which ever lasts

When we reach the open sea / Leaving our home behind

The Dragondheads are rising / Let the stars be our guides

Vyšlo na albech