Descendants, Defiance, Domination

The darkest hour, the hopeless time

Is always before the rise of the dawn

Find your courage to stand against a stream

The fairest they speak when the falsest they think

When mouths of men speak the words of gods

The truth will never be enough for anyone

When you reach the peak of the highest mountain

Proudly plant the flag of the heathen defiance

From the ashes of the ancient blood and wisdom

The children of thunder will rise again

Wielded lashes, pyres flame, gloomy gallows

Tormented ones, brave and free

Screams echo in time

Not one unjust deed goes unpunished

No blood is shed in vain under the reborn thunder sign

I know we will

Claim the throne and kill

They asked for war so we will give them one

The one to end it all

Reckoning with blood

Stop the madness that's gone on for centuries

In a storm of obloquy, my sons stand strong

Marshall the forces, gather up weapons for the last war to come

Who is so righteous, uncorrupted to condemn and dominate

With truth and not with illusions

Not driven by the greed to be enthroned and rule?

Havoc no more

The reign of men

Vyšlo na albech