Deathbringer from the Sky

High above the ground

Beyond the thunderclouds

A black shade is flying alone

Once so feared among men

Now the legend is becoming too old

But finally the horrifying truth is about to unfold

Death bringer from the sky

Hunting victims in the night

Feel the terror, as flames are burning bright

There is no tower as high or cave so deep

That can save you from its endless spite

So bow down and face your wretched destiny

A den filled with treasures and gold

No longer calms his spirit so cold

Again it s time to spread the wings of doom

A growl shakes the ground

Flames blind men and smoke covers the stars

As he rises towards an ancient sky

The era of total chaos will arrive

Men shall flee in fear

My name will haunt their mortal souls

I'll burn their flesh and I'll crush their bones

Your screams can't make me feel pity or regret

I only feel furious hatred

With fire my domination is gained

Shall burn away and let my kind rule the world again

Vyšlo na albech