The Play of the Leaves

[Music and Lyrics by Aydan]

It's time to make a choice

No matter where it leads

Decisions need to be taken

Doesn't matter when

No matter where

The final curtain falls

All the audience's gone

The play has come to the end

Change your acting clothes

Clean up your face

The treasures of your inside

Do they really have a light?

The jewels in your heart

Are they rusting inside?

There are voices there always that are calling for you

Every time you're in need of finding something to cling to

There are choices there waiting for you

Everywhere, you'd better be prepared

Are your leaves covering

The highest top of the trees

with their green and sparkling gold

Or the soil below,

Crackling dead and gone?

Inside what do you feel?

The play of the leaves

performing next to your room

get the final claps

or leave covered in shame


[Solo: Aydan]

Do you feel this emotion that hides

Are you strong enough to survive

This little whirlwind in motion?

Can you feel the pain that I feel

Do you see all things that I see?

It's all turning and causing commotion


[Solo: Rafahel]

Vyšlo na albech