Your bright enchanting smile

Reminds me of the day when I learnt

That nothing lasts forever

And your goodwill's just another hoax of your kind

Time and time again

That feeling had got lost and ever since

I've tried to understand the meaning of

My inner self conviction I lied (to myself)


As we all know, time consumes our daily gladness

That cannot last 'till the day after

From this I will hide myself


Skywards again, I search for my dimension

People don't know how I am alive

Experience has taught to count every single move

Now I know I'm standing alone

Stone after stone I'm moulding my shelter

I watch it grow with endless delight

Carry me, carry me all your devotion

Deep in my heart to see my haven fall once again

The lovely beeches told me to think for myself;

to bury down the lies of other minds...and I know

I cannot be last but first

Bridge & Chorus:…

Torturize in the night I am falling down - into the dark

Deep within it's a dream I cannot control - It's killing me

My human conscience is dragging me down - into the dark

The temptress whispers..."again"... - It's killing me


Vyšlo na albech