My Own Spider's Web

Please come to me, to where my emotions still sleep

The garden of hidden memories

To where your spirit can breathe and hope to be free

In my shelter my thoughts have been trapped for a while

'cause it was so easy, easy for them to fall and be caught

In this dark spider's web... my own spider's web

Come feel my heart pounding with each step you take

As you're coming closer to me

The knot of my feelings is slowly releasing itself

I'm still frightened how can I leave my own intimate haven

And still think, still breathe

Leaving my memories behind, I hope to be free

Tonight I'm gonna follow her, leaving my shelter behind

I'm gonna follow till the end of the world

Tonight I'm gonna gift myself with everything I have got

I'm gonna give to her all that I am

Dancing round the fire we'll be just one whirlwind of light

And our secret together we'll find

Dancing round the fire, our shadows are one with this night

and our souls are forever entwined