Jigsaw Puzzle

Take a look at the new rules of this game

Wicked laughters are feeding their fame

Hearing the cries from the empty shells

Unmoved they seem

Hungry for turmoil and wedges

Ivy-clad so that we can't see

One peace at a time they steal

Collecting memories

Notch up another victory

Upon our shoulders and true beliefs

With wheedling words they reign

So sweet is our decay

Raise your voice

Aim as high as they can't see

Now you can say:

"Speak your last word,

speak your last word!"

Born in the garden of overgrown madness

We still search what remains of our lives

Scattered pieces for their jigsaw puzzle

Swapping destinies

Whencesoever they derive their powers

Where all hopes are misled and repressed

Vowing to break from the hardest chains

Tearless they seem

Prophets of doom

Playing god, how does it feel?

The fate of Sky and Earth

Awaits their sentence too

Shattered we are

Sold and bought in the Merchants' fair

Beneath hard flesh it burns

Beware of our hate!

[repeat Bridge and Chorus]

[Acoustic solos: Jarpen]

[Solos: Jarpen, Aydan, both]

[repeat Bridge and Chorus]

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