Thy Kingdom Gone

Holy man take a look at the world,

See the terror that we live with every day,

How can you quote from your filthy bible,

You're a waste of flesh and bone I say!

I laugh when I see your waning flock,

Foolish people led by foolish lies,

Constantine did not believe,

Now he smiles as your religion dies.

I confess to my own God,

And to you, my brothers and sisters,

That I have lived as I seen fit,

In my thoughts and in my words,

In what I have done,

And in what I have failed to do;

I will not ask these characters of myth,

These angels and saints,

Nor you, my brothers and sisters,

To pray for me to that farcical God.

I believe what I see not what I am told -

Your doctrine was written by ancient man,

They blindly assumed the world was flat,

And its creator would one day come again.

I'm sorry to say your mythology is wrong,

And your prayers will never be answered.

Those who believe - now need to accept,

To this world you are cancer!

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