The Voyage of Bran

Bran walked alone to ease his mind,

To reflect on life and love.

Sweet music he heard come from behind,

And from the sky above.

So sweet was the tune that he fell asleep,

Then awoke with a terrible fright.

In the distance he heard a women weep,

Drew his sword and held it tight.

He saw on the ground a silver branch,

Adorned with small whit flowers.

He took the wand and returned to his home,

He was absent for many hours.

His royal friends were gathered there,

When a woman appeared in their midst.

She calmed the host and sung to Bran,

Of a land of beauty and myth.

"I brought you the branch of Emain,

as a token of my desire.

Journey forth to the land of women,

Of solitude they do tire."

"No slandering will you find there,

nor treachery will you see.

I ask you now to plan and prepare,

For your voyage across the sea."

The fallowing day Bran sailed to the West,

With a host of men by his side.

Two days and night upon the sea,

Only the stars to act as their guide.

From out of the west a chariot came,

Bearing Manannan - son of Lir.

Bran learned that he will find glory and fame,

And the land he is seeking is near.

After some time they discovered the land,

A host of women stood on the shore.

Bran covered his face and raised a hand,

He was reluctant to go ashore.

The chief of women cast a single thread,

That pierced the hand of Bran.

Despite this act Bran felt no dread,

As his boat was pulled to shore.

His men paired off with the women there,

And Bran stayed with their chief.

The passage of time was hidden from them,

They believed their time was brief.

For what seemed like only just one year,

Was really centuries more.

They passed their time with joy and cheer,

As their journey became folklore.

A longing then came to all the men,

And they planned to return to their land.

The women were loath to let them go,

And issued the following command -

"Walk ye not on the land of Eirann,

To do so will bring your demise.

Go forth and quell your longing,

Then return to our western skies."

The men arrived at Eirann's shore,

And were greeted by a great host.

They heard of Bran from ancient lore,

And thought he no more than a ghost.

A soldier of bran then leapt ashore,

But instantly turned to dust.

Bran decided to leave once more,

To return to the women of lust!

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