Susie Moran

Life for you it was not easy,

And at times was so unfair.

In a time when works was scarce,

Many burdens were yours to bear.

You bore the brunt of grief,

When Patrick left the earth.

Such a tragedy to happen,

To a child 4 months since birth.

When Husband Jack did lay,

Fore years in a hospital bed,

You were by his side relentlessly,

To help him through this dread.

You had no time for science,

Technology was not your friend.

You lived your life in black and white,

Until the very end.

You've gone now to that other place,

Your work on earth is done.

Jack is waiting there for you,

In his arms he holds your son.

We know it may be long,

Before we hear your voice again.

You will always be remembered,

Never forgotten - Susie Moran.

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