Primeval Odium

There is a pain inside me

A pain as old as earth

That has outlived civilizations

A primordial anguish so strong

So unforgiving in its innocence

That I would cut it from me.

There is fear inside me

A fear that twists my mind

A vision of what the future holds

For my land, my home, my kin.

A future void of dignity

I would use this fear

As a warning of what may pass

I would use this fear.

There is hatred inside me

That has stemmed from a millennia

of pain, hardship and fear

I have watched my people prosper

And I have watched them turn to dust

I would watch them crawl in filth

I would use this hatred.

"We are ready to die and shall die cheerfully and


you must not grieve for all of this."

There is evil inside me

I fear its power so strong

I fear as it compels me to hate

A primal energy so powerful

An ancient force flowing in my veins

I am one with malevolence

And no regret shall come from my deeds

For I am at one with malevolence

Vyšlo na albech