Michael Collins

A volunteer in his nations struggle

Another soldier in the G.P.O.

The rising failed - our leaders captured

The English grip would not let go

But Michael would return to lead us

In our fight to re-claim our lands

The I.R.B. will march victorious

For they shall have the upper hand

He railled men from far ans wide

To join the rebellion that lay ahead

His murder squad was formed in earnest

The secret service soon lay dead

In reprisal the British army killed

Innocent people watching a hurling game

That day would become a turning point

Irish psyche would never be the same

The customs house was set on fire

The I.R.B. became the I.R.A.

The time was nigh to call a cease-fire

July 1th would be that day

De Valera, our elected president

Knew a republic he would not get

He sent Collins to meet the British

He sent Collins to his death!

The British treaty was signed by Collins

A free state was all they would give

A step towards independence

Is better that a war we cannot win

Many people did not agree with him

Civil war split the country in two

Michael would die from an Irish bullet

He gave his best, what more could he do?

Vyšlo na albech