Voice of the Fallen

I am the one who speaks the truth

The only truth

you will ever need to hear

That is why I am here

You are worthy for the Eye

Whose council is fear and agony

I am his words

The one with the darkest dreams

I am the one who chants the curse

You could never resist his lies

The words you wish not to hear

Voice of the fallen

Cries from the other side

Would break your ears

Would break your mind

Forge of chaos

Commands and claims

Black speech and order

His silence and peace

Can not see into his eyes

No mirror for the soul

Can not break into his thoughts

Nothing but scattered screams

I shall turn your tears

Into ashes of the dead

You shall never forget the whispers

Inside your head

You will be lost in your fears

In the never ending rest

I shall speak until you drown

Inside your head

Vyšlo na albech