The Star Of High Hope

When I longed for you

You came to me over the seas

To show me the way

Unquiet is my heart

I have to go and see

Even though we will be apart

You must have faith in me

As I set my sails

This is my journey

Over the oceans

This is who I am

This is my journey

Over the oceans

On the last shore I shall stand

Forever from the dawn

Through the Door of Night

Up into the oceans of heaven

Surun suuren hunnun alla

Hдdдn hдtдisen uhalla

Laski venhon vetten pддlle

Ukon ankaran aalloille

Kдvi ovesta ikiyцn

Alle ainaisen aamun

Hiljaisuuden hautuumaille

Meriltд mieron myrskyn

Tykц suuren ja mahtavan

Maille maailman luojan

Puhui puhtahaksi puutteen

Sanat soitteli suruisat

Vyšlo na albech